For more than ten years I have been a bi-vocational pastor and a father to six children so time has been at a premium. Of all the things a pastor is to do, there are two aspects of the Office of Ministry that should never be subject to neglect because of time; the worship service and the sermon and the care of those who mourn and shut-ins. While I am still a by-vocational pastor, the congregation’s recent decision to sell a mortgage laden building to become debt free and the purchase of a “fixer upper” has allowed me to increase the amount of time I can dedicate to my pastoral duties. In light of these improvements, I now find myself in the position to thank and repay the many pastors who have faithfully published their sermons these past ten years and have allowed me, either knowingly or unknowingly to read, use, modify, and make many of these sermons “my own.” So thanks to the follow Pastors whose sermons became a weekly staple as I prepared my own sermon:

James Batcher
Dean Bell
Andrew Eckert
David Ernst
Robin Fish
Thomas Handrich Sr.
Kurt Hering
Michael McCoy
David Mueller
Timothy Pauls
Eric Rottman
Mark Schlamann
Alan Taylor
Keith Weise
Alan Wollenberg
James Wright
John Wurst
Jason Zirbel

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