We put a lot of thought in to the design of the worship area at Immanuel. It’s important to make your place of worship something that facilitates the central purposes of a church. Namely, to preach the Word of God; to call to repentance; and to provide the forgiveness of sins, life, and resurrection found in Christ through Baptism and The Lord’s Supper. Preaching both the Law and Gospel rightly and administering the Means of Grace. If the building, furniture, and art are all at odds to these, putting people in the mindset of entertainment or work and not on holy things, then that simply makes it all harder. Everything needs to pointing to the same things for it all to work at its best.

So, take a look at the presentation below. In it, we walk you through the theological reasons behind the designs of our little church. You can use your keyboard’s arrow keys or click on the arrows in the presentation to step through it, or simply click anywhere to zoom directly to that spot!


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